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The tectainer factory in china

Tectainer Company Profile

TECTAINER ... "Competent Range of Special Containers"

First we developed the Bitutainer. Now our containerisation expertise has created the Tectainer range. A range from tanks to storage to specialist process containers including :-

  • Bitumen container tanks
  • Mud container tanks
  • Water container tanks
  • Double skin container tanks
  • "Bunded" container tanks
  • Water storage and treatment tanks
  • LPG transport tanks
  • LPG storage tanks
  • Diesel and petrol or gasoline transport tanks
  • Diesel and heavy fuel storage tanks
  • Bulk and dry freight special application containers
  • Accomodation containers
  • Blast resistant containers for refineries
  • Modular container style homes and hotels
  • Flatracks and bases

TEC, a engineering consultancy company was established 1988. As specialist in oil terminals we specialised in LPG, Lube and Bitumen performing turnkey builds for oil majors such as Lukoil, Mobil Shell, BP and Chevron during the mid 1990's.

Opportunity to perform logistics consultancy work and an invention called the Bitutainer (a box inside a box for Bitumen Transport) deviated the companies activities into containerisation over 12 years. Company restructuring lead to tectainer and TEC amalgamated to find niche markets in containerisation. Hence the company is now known as "TEC tectainer" as name associated with "Tectainers".

Rex Michau (NZ C Eng), the owner of tectainer, UK  and major shareholder in the manufacturing facility; tectainer Yixing China heads up the engineering design department whilst directing the 80 managerial and skilled staff within the tectainer family.

tectainer Yixing is proud to be known as a high quality manufacturing facility with customers such as :-

  • Shell
  • Chevron
  • BP
  • Capital Leasing
  • The Swire Group
  • Exsif
  • SCF
  • British Gypsum

Simply, "If its special we build it."

Our History

The history of TEC is one of the reasons the designing of special containers from simple bulkers to complex process equipment has been made easier.

In the early 1990's Rex Michau was contracted to Kvaerner as a project engineer and then manager performing design and installations with Norske Hydro. The projects focused on topside work over equipment. All designed and approved to DNV 2.71 offshore standards.

In the 1990's TEC secured consultancy work for Catlex China whereby studies performed produced savings for the company.  The expansion into greater China meant that a lubricants plant was required in Tianjin, near Beijing. In 1996 TEC commissioned this turnkey start up facility in 3 months.

Design and Install - Mobil Kenya

Mobil Project

With a reputation for performing TEC then secured the contract with the responsibility of installing all of Mobil's LPG storage expansion works into Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea  in 1998.  In all 200 tonnes of storage was successfully mobilised and installed.

Military Containerisation and Fuelling Units for Shell

MOD Sprayer

In 1999 through 2000 TEC project managed and constructed a turnkey  lubricants plant for Luk Oil, Russia with the responsibility of supporting downstream supply of lubricants packaging.

"Putting something back"
Our companies are actively involved in fundraising for and supporting children with cancer in China