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Blast Resistance Buildings

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Blast Resistance Buildings

  • Each building carries a minimum blast rating of 200mbar (2.9psi)
  • Customised layouts and furnishing
  • Stackable to 9 high
  • Split system air conditioning units
  • Minor field work required
  • Ready to meet area electrical classifications
  • Communication Cabling
  • Fast delivery times
  • Economic transportation and set up costs worldwide
  • Steel Frames
  • Fully vertically steel sides
  • Die stamped corrugated steel roof
  • Steel floor complete with marine grade ply
  • ISO corner fittings at eight corners
Service Provided
  • Fully certified building
  • Detailed drawings
  • Footing design/details
  • All tie down components and hardware
  • Turn key solutions

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20ft External Internal
Length 6058mm 5750mm
Width 2438mm / 3000mm 2210mm / 2772mm
Height 2896mm 2650mm
40ft External Internal
Length 12100mm 11500mm
Width 2438mm / 3000mm 2210mm / 2772mm
Height 2896mm 2650mm

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Blast Resistant Building Solutions For Refineries

Download PDF version of Blast Resistant Refineries Solutions

Modular, secure and strong
Isn't it time you switched to this versatile alternative to create a safer work place?

Royal Wolf Trading offers a variety of options that provide flexible, cost effective solutions to help you create the ultimate blast resistant modular building whilst complying with all the safety requirements in the work place.

The range of modular steel blast resistant buildings are designed, engineered and manufactured by Royal Wolf. These buildings provide a safe zone for employees and equipment within the process areas in the event of leaked vapour ignition.

These buildings have several general uses on site including control rooms, operator shelters, office blocks, security posts, locker rooms and safe havens. Custom designs for other applications are available.

Units come as standard 8ft or 10ft wide and can be joined together to form larger modules. This application is ideal for large office blocks, cribs ablutions etc.

Blast Resistance Building Solutions for Oil Refineries

Blast Resistance Building Solutions for Oil Refineries Image 2

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