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Gravity Feed Tanks

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Gravity Fed Fuel Storage Tanks

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Gravity Fed Fuel Storage Tank

  • Gravity Fed Shipping Module

    Shipping Module

  • Gravit Fed Split to allow unit shipment to various sites

    Split Shipment to Various Sites

  • Capacity: 5020 ltr; 9,990 ltr
  • Loading Height (Discharge Point): 2,025mm; 2,050mm
  • Units / Module: 3; 2.
  • Module Weight: 1250kg; 2000kg
  • 20ft Module Empty: 3,750kg; 4,000kg
  • Diesel UN1202
  • Standard: Dipstick, 2" fill point (high), 2" Vent “U” Tube, 2" BSP (F) Discharge Connect
  • Opt: Integral Spill Bund, Hand Dispensers, Meters, Hoses & Discharge Shut Off Valves
  • Compliant Codes and Standards: AS 1692, AS 1657
  • Lifting/Transport Fork or Sling Rated, CSC for shipping as modules
  • Gravity Fed Tank Single Unit

    Single Unit

  • Gravity Fed Tank Installed Unit

    Installed Unit

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